Full Name: Vivian Patrick Campbell
Birthday: 25 August 1962
Birthplace: Belfast, N. Ireland
Parents: Vivian Sr.(deceased 09 August 2009)and Mary (deceased 18 April 2010)
Siblings: Sister Fiona and brothers John and Michael
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Personal Info: Separated from Julie (2009)
Children: Lily Rose (born 1999) and Una Marigold (born 2001)
Influences: Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck, Crowded House
Current: Def Leppard (joined 1992)
Previous: Sweet Savage, Dio, Whitesnake, Riverdogs, Trinity, Shadow King, Clock

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Anonymous 2 December 2010 at 16:00  

i saw some clips of def leppard in the early 90's and you played the tom anderson strat type guitars what made you swith to the gibson les paul

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